required documents to qualify for a surety bond?

Muhammad Khalid Bin Ansari asked this on October 23, 2017 in Surety Bonds

I need a list of the required documents for a surety bond-any kind

Danielle answered this on January 25, 2018

Hello Muhammed,

There's no black and white simple answer to your question. The underwriting criteria and documentation required before a bond application can be approved varies widely based on the risk associated with the specific bond form needed combined with the risk of the individual applicant.

Some bonds, such as notary bonds, require no underwriting and cost the same for every single client. Bonds related to contracted construction projects, however, typically require a great deal of underwriting with supporting documentation at the discretion of the underwriter.

For further guidance on the type of information you'd need to provide for the specific type of surety bond you need, please call our team at your convenience between 7 AM and 7 PM CST Monday - Friday to speak with a surety expert who can guide you through the process.