A1994 acura with not title but have a bill of sale in ga

LIZ asked this on August 06, 2017 in Surety Bonds

Bought a car guy didnt have title. I want to register it (TAGS) Live in Ga.
Car valued about 1000 to 1200. Do i need to get a surety bond? How long does this last? One time charge? Do i get a title for the car?

Danielle answered this on August 07, 2017

Hello Liz,

This is a surety bond we're very familiar with as we actually issue dozens of lost title bonds in Georgia every week. This bond is issued once for a 4-year term. If your bond amount is less than $6,000, you will only pay a 1-time premium of $100. Please call our team at 1 (800)308-4358 for bonding assistance. If you have all required vehicle information on hand and complete your purchase by 4 PM CST, you can receive your official bonding confirmation today. You can learn more about this type of bond here: https://www.suretybonds.com/states/georgia/certificate-of-title-bond.html